Collection: Ominous Oceans

Collection Overview

The Ominous Oceans collection evokes the drama of storm laden seas, where the sheer force and beauty of nature's most dramatic moments is showcased.

Sat safely on the shore, hair whipping in the wind, Alicia was enchanted by the mesmerising motion of a sea surging and merging; waves weaving and heaving. Returning indoors pink cheeked, damp and exhilarated, Alicia fondly recalls falling asleep to the roar of the wind and noise of driving rain against her window. 

The dark, inky blue hues of this collection are deepened by bruising greys reminiscent of sombre skies. Charismatic, smoky blue-greens were used to mirror the ominous swells carrying in each surging wave.

Each piece in the Ominous Oceans collection includes bespoke Oak framing, together with free shipping Australia-wide. 

Alicia Pickert is a socially conscious abstract artist committed to investing a stream of ongoing financial support to the preservation of South Australia’s marine environments.

Sale of works within the Ominous Oceans Collection will allow Alicia to make a contribution to The Australian Marine Conservation Society and their work in protecting Australia's critical ocean ecosystems, leading the movement to ban whaling, protecting threatened Australian species and putting an end to Super trawlers.