Collection: Suspended Sancturies

Collection Overview

Suspended Sanctuaries is a collection of boisterous expressions, depicting the worlds submerged below the placid surface of South Australia’s sinkholes, ponds and rock pools. 

Fond memories of time spent at Ewan Ponds, Little Blue Lake, Port MacDonnell and Kilsby Sinkhole serve as inspirational muses for this collection. 

Alicia’s use of lively lime and emerald hues are interwoven with soft, buttery tones creating an underwater world of rich vegetation, where serenity and adventure coexist in perfect harmony. 

Tonally, a shift to serene cerulean, rich blues and deep indigo reflects the unique ambiance of sinkholes, where sunlight is sparse and abstract shadows form over the mineral rich walls.   


Alicia Pickert is a socially conscious abstract artist committed to investing a stream of ongoing financial support to the preservation of South Australia’s marine environments.

Sale of works within the Suspended Sanctuaries Collection will allow Alicia to make a contribution to The Australian Marine Conservation Society and their work in protecting Australia's critical ocean ecosystems, leading the movement to ban whaling, protecting threatened Australian species and putting an end to Super trawlers.