Collection: Submerged Symphony

Collection Overview

Submerged Symphony is an ethereal collection mimicking the grace and fluidity of light. Each work in the collection reimagines ascending towards the surreal forms that take shape when rays of sunlight strike the ocean.

Referencing the transformational experience of being submerged in serene silence and witnessing the interplay of light and dark when exploring the crevices of South Australia’s Granite Island, Port Noarlunga Jetty, Edithburg Jetty and The Bluff.

Each emotive abstract draws upon a soft, dreamy marbling of indigo, periwinkle, turquoise and aqua tones illuminated by the icy hues of percolating bubbles and rays of light.

Each piece in the Submerged Symphony collection includes bespoke Oak framing, together with free shipping Australia-wide. 

Alicia Pickert is a socially conscious abstract artist committed to investing a stream of ongoing financial support to the preservation of South Australia’s marine environments.

Sale of works within the Submerged Symphony Collection will allow Alicia to make a contribution to The Australian Marine Conservation Society and their work in protecting Australia's critical ocean ecosystems, leading the movement to ban whaling, protecting threatened Australian species and putting an end to Super trawlers.