Alicia the Artist



Alicia Pickert is an emerging Cairns based artist whose life's journey has been deeply influenced by her formative years in the remote landscapes of South Australia.

Her adult choices have been intricately woven with the threads of her early experiences in those far-flung corners of the country. The spirit of wanderlust, which once guided her footsteps, underwent a transformation as she embarked on the journey of motherhood. This transformative phase ignited an intense and imaginative connection to the landscapes of her youth.  


Alicia's artistic expression is a captivating blend of fine art, abstract elements, and the spirit of impressionism. With a profound intuition, she deftly manipulates acrylic mediums to unveil the profound emotions and intricate interplay found within the natural world. Through her work, she captures the very essence of the environment, revealing its inherent intensity, intricate complexity, profound connection, subtle tension, and harmonious beauty.



As her children grow and embrace the physical adventures of life, Alicia finds herself revisiting the wild, untamed landscapes of her past. In these moments, she rediscovers the intoxicating freedom that those terrains once bestowed upon her, fuelling her artistic journey with renewed passion and inspiration. 




Embracing for the transformative power of change, Alicia Pickert Studios has relocated to tropical Queensland.

Working on a commissioned collection, Alicia recalls ambling across the Australian outback where grey toned roadscapes served as a constant companion to her and her family as they undertook the transition from Adelaide's cityscape to the breathtaking beauty of Cairns.

Now nestled amidst lush tropical landscapes and vibrant coastal scenes, Alicia's studio is infused with a new vitality, swiftly becoming a haven for creativity and exploration.