Conservation Commitment

Alicia Pickert is a socially conscious abstract artist committed to preserving the delicate ecosystems that fuel her creativity. When collectors support Alicia Pickert Studio, they not only acquire exquisite artworks, they also champion Alicia’s commitment to investing a stream of ongoing financial support to the preservation of Australia’s marine environments.

Sales of Alicia’s works allow her to make meaningful contributions to the Conservation Council SA and their work in protecting, restoring and conserving the state’s unique and beautiful natural spaces whilst promoting a truly sustainable future for South Australia.

Furthermore, Alicia also contributes to The Australian Marine Conservation Society and their work in protecting Australia's critical ocean ecosystems, leading the movement to ban whaling, protecting threatened Australian species and putting an end to super trawlers.

By supporting Alicia Pickert's artistry, collectors are not only enriching their own life with captivating artwork but also becoming a part of a broader movement dedicated to preserving Australia's most precious resources.